Careers in Food HR Assessment’s HRA Pt 2- 2015

Thank you for completing Part One of the’s Human Resource Assessment!
You have been selected to participate in Part Two of our survey. These additional questions will help provide more insight on HR practices and trends within our industry.
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(% percentage)

Salary Reviews & Increases

What was the average increase received by employees by Role Type during the last 12 months?
If there was No Increase within a Role Type, please select 'No Increase' for that Role Type.

No Increase 0.1% - 1% 1.1% - 2% 2.1% - 3% 3.1% - 4% 4.1% - 5% 5.1% - 10% More than 10%

Employee Attrition

Example Calculation - Number of Employees leaving company employment divided by total number remaining, multiplied by 100
What was the percentage split of involuntary and voluntary turnover your company experienced during the last financial year?

Allocate a percentage weighting (must total 100% for involuntary and voluntary combined)
What is the average time frame for replacing an employee?
Less than 2 weeks 2-4 Weeks 4-6 Weeks 6-8 Weeks 8-10 Weeks 10-12 Weeks > 12 Weeks Unable to fill N/A

Engagement & Retention


Flexible staffing

Performance Rewards

What best describes the staff performance reward?
Bonus/Incentive Profit Share Commission Share/Stock Options Long Term Incentive Other (Please specify below) >No performance reward


Please indicate which of the benefits below are offered to each of the employee groups shown? (Please select ALL that apply)

Executive Middle Management Sales Staff Salaried/Exempt Staff Hourly/Non-Exempt Staff Not Offered

New Graduate Recruitment Practices

Final Comments