BASF 2020 Retention Survey (U.S.)

Contact Information - U.S. Organization

Retention Climate

Do you utilize a retention program within your organization? *
Retention Bonus Program” (i.e. strategy over and above standard base compensation and incentive programs or something similar)
How concerned do you feel your organization is about employee retention currently? *
Based on employee group, select how concerned you are about retaining that level of staff:

Very Concerned Concerned Not Concerned N/A
Sr Director *
Sr Manager/Manager *
Salaried/Exempt Individual Contributor *
Hourly/Non-Exempt Individual Contributor *

Retention Measurement

Based on employee career type, select how concerned you are about retaining staff:

Very Concerned Slightly Concerned Not Concerned N/A
Administration (Sr Admins, Admins, Exec Asst) *
Engineering *
Finance/Accounting *
Human Resources *
IT/Infrastructure *
Communications *
Maintenance (Operations, Warehouse, etc.) *
Production Manufacturing *
Research and Development *
Marketing/Sales *
Customer Care/Supply Chain/ Logistics *
Technical/Skilled *
What is your method of measurement for retention? *
How often do you collect measurements (select the most prevalent response)? *
Based on your measurements, what makes employees stay at an organization?

Very Important Important Slightly Important Not Important
Corporate Brand/Culture *
Company Stability *
Job Stability *
Work Conditions *
Flexibility *
Recognition *
Career Development/Growth *
Compensation *
Benefits (health, retirement, etc) *
Supervisor/Manager *
Coworkers/Relationships *
Company Leadership *
Company Social Responsibility *
Personal Loyalty *

Retention Budget

Do you have an overall budget or dollars allocated per employee for retention efforts? *

Retention Program Specifics

What is the percentage of high performers that are receiving retention payments? *
When are retention bonuses utilized? (select all that apply) *
Do you have a retention rewards program for years of service – monetary or gift rewards? If yes, please provide which year’s awards are given. (check all that apply) *
Does your organization offer spot-bonuses for employees who go above and beyond? *
If yes, what is the average amount given for a spot—bonus? *

Incentive Programs & Compensation

Does your company offer any of the listed long-term incentives available to the corresponding employee group?

Employee Group Stock Option Restricted Stock Performance Shares Long Term Cash Plan Stock Appreciation Rights Not Offered
Sr Director/Director *
Sr Manager *
Manager *
Team Leader *
Individual Contributor *
Does your organization offer midterm incentives? *
Within your organization, has compensation for Sales, Marketing, R&D, and Technical roles been increased in order to retain employees within the last 12-24 months? *
When compared to 2020, has your 2021 merit increase budget changed? *
What impact has your organization faced due to Covid 19? Check all the apply *